Fanfic: Title: Show No Fear

Title: Show No Fear
Author: Mad_Hatts_Munky
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate, Stargate owns me. However the young doctor and the Wraith featured in this work of fiction are figments of my deranged immagination.
Summary: A doctor from Atlantis encounters a Wraith off-world, stuff happens. Romance of the inter-species kind develops in later chapters.
Kindly read and review, only the first chapter is beta-read.
And please do not kill me because it is a bad story.
Three Chapters So far, no clue as to how long it will last.

Chapter One: Not so DifferentCollapse )

Chapter Two: RecollectCollapse )

Chapter Three: You don't Scare MeCollapse )

Well...there you go, my first multi-chapter fic, if you want me to remove it from this group, or if it dosen't fit here, please say so!
Other than that, please leave comments!
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Gonna eat that?


I don't believe no one else posted this! Surely someone else caught it;
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Look where the wraith, I assume it's Michael, has his hand. Who is he feeling up?
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